Good News For A Fractured Society

Matthew Speaks to Divisions of Power, Wealth, Gender, & Religious Pluralism | taught by Steve McCutchan

Course description

Given the ideologically divided, tension-filled, world in which we live, imagine hearing someone tell you how God can work through these divisions in a way that offers hope and healing for the world. This online course guides you in understanding how the Gospel of Matthew speaks to the Divisions of Power, Wealth, Gender, and Religious Pluralism.

Whether you study this by yourself, or join with some friends or a church class, you will have an opportunity to deepen your faith and grow in confidence in responding to the worlds around us. You have the opportunity to experience Good News and share it with others.

Steve McCutchan
Steve McCutchan
Presbyterian Pastor

Steve McCutchan is a graduate of Muskingum College and Union Theological Seminary in New York City. He has spent thirty-eight years in the pastoral ministry interpreting the Gospel to lay people who experience the tension of division in their world. For the past twenty-three years, he has combined ministry with his middle-class congregation with monthly involvement in counseling the poor in his city. He has been a featured speaker at Moravian, Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, and Presbyterian convocations.

He helped found the Presbyterian Interracial Dialogue that for the past 16 years has worked with six Presbyterian churches, three predominantly Black and three predominantly White, building community that breaks down the barriers of racism. He has also helped establish an Hispanic ministry in Winston-Salem. His church has participated in regular activities with the Jewish community. Three times the church shared in an interfaith, interracial Habitat build that included Christians, Jews, and Muslims; Caucasians, Blacks, and Hispanics.